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Published: Apr 15, 2024 9:46 PM
Categories: Website / Development

AuroraCMS is Diemen Design's premiere Australian Open Source Content Management System.

It's built to be lean, fast, and easy to use, including built-in features that other platforms need add-ons or Plugins to achieve.

Built using PHP8+, PDO/SQL, HTML5, Vanilla Javascript for public-facing pages, jQuery for the Administration, and our own custom CSS Framework.

Among many differences to other Content platforms, one of the most obvious differences between AuroraCMS and other systems is that it doesn't use plugins, thus reducing it's on-disk footprint, and reducing the threat of security issues.

Size, it has a much smaller footprint compared to other CMSs, esp. considering its features.

AuroraCMS is not only Blog/Article capable, it also has a lot of other built-in features outlined below (taken from the ReadMe file from the GitHub Repository):

  • AuroraCMS is a Quasi-MVC, Front End is completely MVC, with some AJAX Functions for Form Processing.
  • Accessibility (A11Y) Widget that can be enabled to allow site visitors to change settings to allow those with disabilities to use the website more easily, and to adhere to the Australian Accessibility Law.
  • Hosting and Site Payments for Developers.
    • When set up, Hosting and Site Payment notifications are displayed on the Dashboard of Client Sites.
    • Show the Status of Hosting Payments, Overdue by days which has an alert animation to attract attention, Outstanding due date, Paid with number of days.
    • Show the Status of Site Payment as the Site is paid off.
  • Forms
    • Editable minimum and maximum times to submit forms. (Too Fast, is possible Bot Submission).
    • Hidden Captcha takes Screen Reader users into account, so they don't get trapped.
    • Optional Google reCaptcha v2 for Forms.
    • Form Filtering for Blacklisted editable text lists.
    • Project Honey Pot Blacklist IP Filtering.
  • No Plugins. AuroraCMS does use some Third Party Script, that are security vetted.
  • Business Hours Editor.
  • Content Scheduler with Auto Content Publishing.
  • Related Content, either Chosen or Category matched.
  • Custom Pages.
  • Articles.
  • Portfolio.
  • FAQ's.
  • Events.
    • Book Events and Invoice for immediate payment.
    • Option to display Countdown Clock for when Event Starts.
    • Display Events on the Home Page.
  • News.
    • Display News on the Home Page.
  • Testimonials.
    • Approval before public display.
  • Inventory.
    • Quick View Option for Inventory.
    • Product Reviews and Approval before public display.
    • Assign Points to Items, that get added to the user's Earned Points.
    • Restrict Wholesale Items to Wholesale Account per Level.
  • Services.
  • Gallery.
  • Client Proofs.
  • Messages.
  • Newsletters.
  • Roster
    • Add Shifts and assign Users.
    • Shifts can also be left Unassigned and shown to Users when signed in to indicate if they want to do available shifts.
    • Users can choose whether to see extra shifts when available.
    • Users can Integrate their Roster into an external Calendar via the supplied URL in their accounts settings page.
    • Users can choose from 1 week up to 4 weeks of Roster display.
  • Bookings.
    • Convert booking to an invoice.
    • Print or Email a booking.
    • Signature taking and storage for confirmation of Services.
    • Integrate the Booking Items into other Calendars using a URL that outputs to a .ics format.
  • Messaging.
    • Whenever a message is created via the Contact Us page, it can be stored in the messages system as well as emailed.
    • Live Chat. Choose between the built-in Live Chat, or easily integrate Facebook Messenger.
  • Orders.
    • Create quotes and invoices.
    • Client viewing of Orders.
    • PayPal Integration for Accepting PayPal and Credit Card Payments.
    • Stripe Integration for Accepting Credit Card Payments (includes enabling AfterPay).
    • Australia Post API Integration for Calculating Postage Costs.
    • Deduction rows to allow multiple payments showing date of payment, editable title, amount, and total left owing.
    • Rewards with percentage or value off, date period available, quantity usage.
    • Discount Range Calculation depending on Account Expenditure.
    • GST Calculating.
    • Payment Options with Surcharge options.
    • Create a New Quote/Invoice from selected items.
  • TODO/Joblist in a Kanban board.
  • Forum
    • Post and reply as per other Forums.
    • Integrated Help Tickets as Forum Posts.
    • Upvote or Downvote posts and comments.
  • Banner Notifications with Entrance Animation Choice.
  • Media.
    • Upload and manage various types of files for addition into content using elFinder.
    • Auto resizing making Large, Medium and Small thumbnail versions of images for use with srcset.
  • Featured Content.
    • Can use Content Items as Featured Content, or Images and HTML Templates uploaded into the `media/carousel/` folder. Which then will get sorted, and number of items displayed depending on the settings attributes in the `featured.html` template file.
  • Accounts.
    • Create Accounts for co-workers with Account Types for:
      • Administrators.
      • Editors (especially good for SEO and Copywriters).
      • Client's.
      • Members with Silver/Bronze/Gold/Platinum
        • Default and Account editable purchasing limits.
      • Visitors.
      • Wholesalers with Silver/Bronze/Gold/Platinum
        • Default and Account editable purchasing limits.
        • Approval of Wholesaler Purchasing.
        • Time-limited purchasing, disables purchasing if purchases are not made within the maximum time limit (this encourages Wholesalers to continue purchasing).
  • Client Proofs and Commenting.
  • Easy Theme Selector.
    • Themes are built in such a way that changes in Administration are carried over to other themes. However, this will also depend on the features built into the theme selected.
    • Front End Theme Engine using HTML Style Markup, the use of any CSS or JavaScript Framework.
  • Administration uses jQuery, iCONS, and other jQuery Addons.
  • Activity Fingerprint Analysis Logs of Previous Content Changes with Undo, and who made the changes. Examine Content Inputs with Draggable Popover with Undoing.
  • Suggestions Editor to allow Administrators and Content Editor to make Editing Suggestions with Reasons, and Click Adding of Suggestions.
  • SEO Information.
    • Informational Popups for important items for clients to learn SEO.
  • Security.
    • Spam Filter can Auto Blacklist IPs using custom blacklist text files that can be edited.
    • Project Honey Pot Integration that can Auto Blacklist when checking IPs against the httpBL API Service when forms are submitted via visitors.
    • Ability to Add suspicious visitor interactions to Blacklist.
    • 30-Day Auto-Clearance of Blacklisted IPs.
    • Site Block if visitor's IP is listed in Blacklist, saving server resources, and to hopefully stop Spammers or Email Harvester's.
    • Database Backup and ability to Prefix Table Names.
    • Blacklist IPs that try to access WordPress-based files or attempt WordPress Access.
    • Developer "Lock Down", this stops accounts lower than the developer from taking the website out of "maintenance" or "Coming Soon" modes.
  • Page and Visitor Tracking for Analytics.
  • Records visit counts per IP, stores IP and Browser Information, with the option of clearing data.
  • Progressive Web Application (PWA) Service Worker for Offline Pages.
  • GDPR Privacy Notice Compliance.
    • For those providing Services and or Products to Countries that require Privacy Cookie Consent.
  • Open Street Maps via the Leaflet JavaScript library.
    • Address Location Map can be displayed on the Home Page, Contact Us, and Event Items.

You can view and download AuroraCMS from our GitHub Repository.

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