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Raycraft Computer Consultants endeavours to provide good old fashioned Computer Help, Consulting and Advice in Perth and Surrounding Area's, with quality, knowledgeable, friendly sales and services, including:

  • New Systems and Peripherals at Competitive Prices for Home and Business Solutions.
  • Computer Hardware, and Upgrades.
  • Software Advice and Help.
  • Onsite Sales, Services and Repairs.

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We are proudly Australian owned and operated in Perth, Western Australia.

We are Authorised Resellers for Bizz Wizz Accounting Software. Developed from 30 years of supplying accounting software to small business. BizzWizz Software is designed with a quick visual interface for ease of use. Easier to use than Myob and Quickbooks. Bizz Wizz saves you time, and money!
System Cleanup
We can clean up your system to help it run more efficiently. This can be done in person or remotely.
Why I do what I do
Sometimes I like to reflect on why I do what I do. After recently hearing of the passing of one of my lovely clients, I got kind of philosophical about things. Why do I fix PC's and not do something more worthwhile? Should I take up studies to change what I am doing so that I can work in a field
Customer Service
What does customer service mean to people these days?Is it the polite please and thank you at the checkout or is there more to true customer service? This morning I went into a store to purchase a few small items, but to also get some advice. I was served by a young gentleman who tried to help me e
Web Hosting
We offer Web Hosting Services at very competitive rates! Contact us for more information. (Conditions Apply)
Virus and Malware Removal
Virus / Malware RemovalPlease email us using the Contact page to arrange a quote to give your systems a clean and remove any Virus's or Malware.This will help your systems run better.
On Site Callouts
On Site Callout Please email us using the Contact page to arrange a quote for an on site call.
What I have learned about good business practices
When I left High School, I knew nothing about business. I was eager to learn though, and was fortunate to have an incredibly good boss as my first teacher. I was working in a busy travel centre in the city, my first job out of high school, and it was in this place of business that I was to learn s
Cyber Safety
Do you know what your kids are doing online ? These are questions every parent should consider when giving their child access to any technology that connects to the internet. This includes mobile phones, tablet type computers, iPods and computers in all their forms.Do you know what content
Commercial VS Open Source
Following on from my blog on software piracy, I thought I should look a little more into Commercial vs Open source or freeware type software. I know there are differences in the licence agreements with open source and freeware software's, but I am more interested in discussing the types of software
Software Piracy
Let's face it, software can be really expensive, and with constant updates it can run into hundreds of dollars each time a new version of your favourite piece of software is released.   With this in mind, many people revert to getting a copy of the software from a friend. This sho
Alan Raycraft
Hi there, I am glad you have found our blog. This is our home on the web where we will talk a little about things that interest us and we hope will interest you especially in the world of computers and all things technical.We would love to know what you would like us to write about. Feel free to

Here's what our happy Client's have to say about us.
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Successful as always. Alan is patient, kind and helpful to a degree and his attention and response is sincerely appreciated. A gem!

Lindy van Tuil
Lindy van Tuil

Had my laptop fixed by the brilliant Alan Raycraft.. and was so happy with the service..I highly recommend him for your computer needs..he knows his stuff, is fast and has alot of integrity.... after my previous experience with tech guys he was a breath of fresh air.

Karen Benson
Karen Benson

Alan Raycraft, i have always been happy with the service you have provided me when my laptop has gone down. You have a very professional approach to your business & your very prompt & quick with having my laptop back to me. 10/10 in my opinion goes to you & your business.


Thank you so much, Alan, for your amazing help with my Mac, iPad and techy needs to help get my business linked. Your help and patience was greatly appreciated will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family. I think this will not be the last you see of me lol

Margaret Waller
Margaret Waller

Always very helpful and patient with people who don't know much! Prompt service in the home or over the phone.

Wendy Corner
Wendy Corner
Wendy Corner Companies

Alan is so helpful and patient with someone who knows precious little. He gently guides even although at times I must really frustrate him! His breadth of knowledge is great and he can always find a way round any of my issues. He is definitely my go to IT man.

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