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What does Customer service mean to you ?

Customer Service

Published: Mar 3, 2019 11:48 PM

What does customer service mean to people these days?

Is it the polite please and thank you at the checkout or is there more to true customer service?

This morning I went into a store to purchase a few small items, but to also get some advice. I was served by a young gentleman who tried to help me even though the expert in the shop was away sick. He made calls and looked up his various suppliers online to try to find the item I was looking for. Even though he didn't find what I wanted, I appreciated his efforts.

I then asked him about something else, and he suggested I speak to another guy who was in the shop who was the shop expert in this area. He said that the other gentleman was dealing with something else in the back room and he would let him know I had an enquiry that was more his area of expertise.

I waited a few minutes and the other guy came out from the back of the store and asked if the 1st guy was ok. He said he was but also mentioned I was waiting to talk to him.

I saw it in his eyes..oh what now? but he asked me politely what my enquiry was relating to. I told him I was looking for some advice and his response was  I have 4 pallets to unload so cannot help you... maybe come back another day...

Now I do understand when running a shop there are things to do. I get it. What I also know, and to be fair he didn't, was that I went out of my way to visit this shop to get my other supplies. I also have been there before to browse and dream. I had already purchased items from the shop, and the advice he gave may well have led to a further purchase. However, he lost me as a client. I felt dismissed. I felt I was a bother and not worth spending a few moments giving me some professional advice.

I have 2 mottos for my business model.

1. The Customer may not always be right but the Customer ALWAYS wins, and

2. Look after people first, the business stuff will flow from that naturally.

I always spend a little extra time with the client in front of me, the client on the phone, or answering an email or facebook message. If they have come to me with a question or a problem they have put their trust in me. They value my opinion. The least I can do and should do is take the time to answer their question, or discuss whatever it is they have come to me about.

We are always looking for ways to improve our service to our clients. If you have a suggestion on how we can serve you better, please let us know.

In my opinion, the pallet isn't going anywhere, the client just might.

Stay Well.
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