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Basic AuroraCMS Search Engine Optimisation

Published: Mar 22, 2024 9:23 PM
Categories: Website / SEO

This Search Engine Optimisation Basic package is for clients that use AuroraCMS.

This service includes the following monthly checking and editing of website content:

  • Make sure all fields are filled in, such as Title, Meta-Title, and Meta-Description.
  • Finding keywords that are suitable to the website content.
  • Editing improvements of existing content to improve keyword placement.
  • Make sure minimum character counts are present in fields and include keywords relevant to the page content.
  • Add one article per month if Blog Articles are enabled.
  • Fix technical issues reported via Google Search Console.
  • Email auto-generated reports and achievements as they are created via Google Search Console.
  • Perform a Basic Audit at the end of each month to highlight rankings and traffic improvements and to show we're actually performing the service.

This service does not provide a backlink, or linking opportunities, however, if you find an opportunity for a backlink, and you let us know, we'll be more than happy to add it for you.

Please note, that while performing this service we try to do everything possible within good Search Engine practices to try and positively improve a website's rankings, we can not guarantee how long, or even if any particular Search Engine will produce the results we try to expect and target for.

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