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Comprehensive Website Audit

Published: Mar 22, 2024 9:47 PM
Categories: Website / SEO

Our Comprehensive Website Audit comprises the following:

  • Examine main user-facing pages, which will include the home page (priority) and other important pages, such as contact, about, sitemap, etc.
  • Give a report on commonly generated pages, such as Product, and Service pages that are usually theme generated from stored database information. (If 1 page has issues, it's generally common for others to as well).
  • Including a detailed report on important issues, and recommendations to fix.
  • Including a report of the design from a user's perspective with suggestions for improvements.
  • Including suggestions to improve content.
  • Run Page Speed Insights on each page examined for both Desktop and Mobile.
    • Reporting Speed Issues, and Recommending Improvements.
    • Reporting Accessibility, and Recommending Improvements.
  • Run Auditing Software to determine issues and possible security vulnerabilities.
  • Reporting the list of Keywords associated with the website.
  • Reporting current Domain Authority.
  • Report any metadata that appears on your page/s, this could be JSON-LD Schema, or Microdata, or both.
  • and more...

This package differs from our Free Website Audit, as it includes a user usage report (by an actual person, not automated), and also includes recommendations for fixing issues to help improve not only your website performance for speed, and accessibility but also its Search Engine Indexability.

The pricing for this Audit is aimed at Australian Small Businesses to help them elevate their business without spending thousands, thus, helping fellow Australian Businesses.

If you're not sure if having a Website Audit is important, or even fundamental to improving your website, perhaps our article, Why a Website Audit is important! may help.

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